Optimising Your Organisation With Dynamics 365

Optimising Your Organisation With Dynamics 365

Digital transformation has driven innovation and change in every organisation that has chosen to take advantage of it. But in any drive to optimise and improve, there are clear risks – this is where Dynamics 365 comes in.

During digital transformation, perhaps the biggest challenge is the need to oversee and control the transformation process. Without strategic oversight, there’s a chance that the organisation will face costs and logistical challenges of having multiple systems running alongside each other.

Dynamics 365 is Microsoft’s solution to the problem. It is designed to digitally transform the entire organisation end-to-end, but crucially, it keeps all of the business’ data under one virtual ‘roof’.


Dynamics 365 Helps to Avoid Shadow IT

In the early days of digital transformation, some organisations were slow to react. Meanwhile, employees – out in the real world – where reaping the rewards of using digital services. This sometimes led to a situation where teams, or individual employees in some cases, were using consumer-grade solutions to improve efficiency.

This sounds like a great use of initiative, but it’s actually the last thing any organisation needs. Because when you have different people using different applications, a number of problems arise.

Importing and exporting data from one system to another is slow and cumbersome. More importantly, it’s also a massive data security risk – a risk that Dynamics 365 prevents. Because Dynamics 365 gives you the opportunity to optimise all of the different parts of your organisation without the risk of trying to manage multiple separate services.

Done correctly, a Dynamics 365 roll-out should completely avoid the risks of ‘shadow IT’, while also driving positive change throughout the organisation with its secure, joined up approach to process optimisation.

The Importance of a Managed Roll-Out

Dynamics 365 is, by its very nature, a complex system, designed to encapsulate every process that your business performs. The unique processes within some organisations mean that our standard installation procedure is not always suitable. In such instances, we can build Dynamics 365 to fit your organisation’s needs, with a specialist on hand to ensure the roll out works perfectly.

If you’re looking to optimise your organisation, over-burdening your teams with features that they will not use is a counter-productive endeavor. It clouds judgement, confuses people, and makes it more likely that inexperienced users will be sidetracked as they work.

When installing Dynamics 365, we work closely with organisations to meet their specific needs and design a straightforward implementation that prioritises their requirements and makes sense. For some organisations, a standard installation will more than suffice whereas others require a more bespoke process.

End to End Optimisation

Microsoft says Dynamics 365 breaks down data silos. We agree.

It also incorporates elements of AI, big data, automation, and third-party knowledge to lighten the admin load on your business and assist decision-making.

So, it’s more than just a CRM, an ERP, a supply chain management system, or a scheduler for candidate interviews. It’s an innovative driver of optimisation throughout the organisation and is sure to become just as valuable to your teams as Office 365.

For more information about optimising your organisation with Dynamics 365, speak to an expert at QUANTIQ today, and find out how we can support your Dynamics 365 roll-out.