Paving the Path to Digital Identity

Identity is perhaps one of the toughest words to accurately define.

Paving the Path to Digital Identity

Identity is perhaps one of the toughest words to accurately define.

Identity is perhaps one of the toughest words to accurately define. What constitutes an identity? Is it the presentation of a person or a thing? Their values, appearance, hobbies or interests? Is it how they approach difficult situations, how they choose to communicate or the way that they feel?

Google says that identity is a noun, meaning “the fact of being who or what a person or thing is”. Identities are fluid, and morph and change as we grow. This should be the same for companies, businesses and organisations. At QUANTIQ we believe there are many identities which matter. Most importantly, we believe in a Digital Identity: the manner by which organisations can differentiate themselves from the masses through intelligent Digital Transformation.

Digital Identities are formed by embracing solutions which allow brands to better understand, serve and interact with their customers. For those in the manufacturing industry, a Digital Identity might mean adopting solutions which speed up warehouse processes by interconnecting machinery with information. For those in many organisations Digital Identity could be created through the most efficient finance or HR systems. We embark on Digital Transformation projects to truly renovate outdated digital solutions. Encouraging organisations to strive for enhanced customer relations, integrated solutions, smoother operational processes or higher levels of productivity are just some of the ways we empower organisations to pave their path to a Digital Identity.

Some organisations come to us in an identity crisis. They want to better serve their customers or improve their employees experience. They strive to have the most efficient systems across their warehouses and stores, to understand the IIoT, or upgrade from old legacy systems. We are adept at tackling all of these business change requests head on, implementing a digital transformation and collaborating with our clients to pave their path to a Digital Identity.

We have experience of implementing innovative business solutions – intelligent Microsoft Dynamics 365 ERP and CRM solutions – on premise or in the cloud. Distinct, modular applications which seamlessly integrate with one another and Office 365 provide process enhancements across a wide variety of industries and are the true foundation for Digital Transformation.

To pave the path to Digital Identity for your organisation and explore the potential benefits of working with us towards a Digital Transformation, contact us today. Register to attend our TEQDay to gain insights into how Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent can transform your recruitment process, or sign-up to attend one of our industry-specific cloud workshops to explore the possibilities of the cloud today.


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