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@Microsoft’s Power Platform is being hailed as an effortless platform that empowers innovation to everyday users and pro developers alike.

@Microsoft’s Power Platform is being hailed as an effortless platform that empowers innovation to everyday users and pro developers alike.  We’ve taken our #geekchic to new levels this month as we run a #hackathon to build a #PowerApp that delivers business benefit for our clients.  QUANTIQ teams comprising developers, consultants, project managers and even managers without PowerApp experience compete against each other over a couple of evenings to build the app and then present to a panel of judges Dragon’s Den style.

Our CTO, Marc Hadley-Smith launched the challenge and believes that the net result will be very compelling and deliver value to real-life client challenges.  “I am continuously blown away by the ingenuity of our competing teams and the ease with which Microsoft tools provide the perfect mix of ease-of-use and comprehensive features to aid in collaborative #DevOps activity – knitting together a cohesive development experience that promotes continuous improvement, auditability and agile software development.

As with all our projects now, developers and non-developers alike have created a @MicrosoftTeams site to manage all their team chats, meetings and to collate all work and activities.  Some have opted for #MicrosoftPlanner to handle individual tasks for each team member whilst others have gone for @AzureDevOps projects (fully expecting to move their ‘hack’ into full blown commercial production straight afterwards!).  #OneNote handles all the brainstorming and meeting notes.  They’ve even added their budding PowerApp to a tab in their Teams site so all members can see its progress – everything from a single hub.”

If you want to know more about PowerApps, the rest of the #MicrosoftPowerPlatform or have a business requirement, say hello at info@quantiq.com



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