QUANTIQ D365 TEQDay | Dynamics 365 Solutions

QuantiQ D365 TEQDay | Dynamics 365 Solutions

Dynamics 365 has so much to offer, but where do you start. Let us take you through this evolution in productivity!

The cloud is a game changer for ERP which has typically required significant investments and ongoing maintenance in tens of thousands of data centres around the world. A SAAS (cloud hosted application) where you simply pay by user for what you use is quite clearly the future. I

That Future is here in the form of Dynamics365.

A stack of integrated business applications with a common data service that can be selected and paid for by component, by user. It is truly an application built around you. Organisations can now select the application and be up and running in days with various components from ERP to CRM to Project Services, Field Service, Operations (Financials, Operations, Manufacturing) , Financials (for small business), HCM (Human Capital Management), PowerBI, Flow, PowerApps…and much more. These applications accessed in the cloud via a computer, tablet, mobile phone and fully integrated into the rest of the Microsoft stack such as Office365.

Join us on the 7th March where our expert team will take you through success stories of our work with organisations with similar business challenges to yours.

Our exciting day will include:

  • us building Mobile Apps in 60 seconds
  • predictive maintenance on IoT connected devices without the cost of dispatching a field service agent
  • best practice around Dynamics implementation approaches and their costs
  • a fun Renault F1 Factory tour

Our sole mission is to connect companies with intelligent software to fuel discussion and inform intelligent business decisions.