QUANTIQ on Track to Exceed Growth Targets

QUANTIQ on Track to Exceed Growth Targets

Stuart Fenton speaks to Channelweb

Former Insight bigwig Stuart Fenton has opened up on his mission to turn his latest venture QUANTIQ into a £25m run-rate revenue firm in the next two years.

Last June, Fenton’s firm QUANTIQ took a slice of Tectura UK –  the local segment of the global Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner – after the bank which owned it looked to break it up. He said the small function was “not profitable, and not functioning particularly well” at the time he took it on.

Since then, Fenton and his team have been building up the company and making significant changes, which he claims has put the company on the path for rapid growth. CRM is at the forefront of the company’s strategy over the next 24 months, he said.

At the moment, the firm has about 110 staff – up from 60 a year ago – and a run-rate revenue of between £13m and £14m. Fenton claims that within two years, the company should be heading towards the £40m run-rate revenue barrier, with a number of new staff on the books too.

Profit is on the rise too, he told CRN.

“In terms of percentage profit, the business is far more profitable than Insight, as you would expect from a primarily services business,” he said. “In cash terms it is very strong, but we have chosen to invest most of the profit into growth in existing and new business areas.”

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