QUANTIQ TEQDay : Rise of the Robots @ Science Museum

QUANTIQ TEQDay : Rise of the Robots @ Science Museum

Microsoft Dynamics 365 comes with a plethora of built-in Artificial Intelligence – all of which we will be addressing at our upcoming TEQDay : Rise of the Robots. 

Whether you’re interested in Cognitive Computing, Artificial Intelligence or IoT – you probably know that the Fourth Industrial Revolution is well underway and accelerating rapidly, Microsoft is leading this charge.

Their vision is bold and broad — aiming to make AI accessible to all — consumers, businesses and developers — so that everyone can realise it’s benefits. Our TEQDay, Rise of The Robots, will introduce Microsoft’s innovative business applications that allow you to capitalise on the wave of Digital Transformation.

Join us on 10 October 2017 @ the Science Museum, where our expert team will walk you through our Dynamics systems of intelligence that will help your business stay ahead of digital transformation.


Will 2017 be the year of Artificial Intelligence?

Microsoft Dynamics Innovation and the journey to the Cloud

D365: what’s new
Making sense of D365 Business vs. D365 Enterprise

AI & Bots in practice

DEMO : Bringing it to Life

On Time | On Budget : confessions of a business black belt

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