QUANTIQ’s Manufacturing Workshop : What did we learn?

IoT can reap benefits across the board, with evidence even suggesting that an IoT kitchens can save 15% wastage.

In 1974, ATMs became the first connected technological devices. Fast forward and by 2008 for the first time there were more IoT devices than humans and today it is predicted that by 2020 there will be 50 billion IoT Devices and 250 million IoT Cars. IoT can reap benefits across the board, with evidence even suggesting that an IoT kitchen can save 15% wastage. With all of this information and $7.2 trillion invested in IoT, it is clear: IoT solutions are the future of intelligent, connected business.

IoT solutions are implemented in business processes and practices across many verticals but perhaps where they are most efficient is within the Manufacturing industry: The Industrial Internet of Things.

At our Manufacturing Cloud Workshop, Luca Pellegrini (Enterprise Architect) shared with our delegates all things IoT solutions for modern manufacturers.

Beginning with an overview of the current state of play, IoT with its pervasive connectivity, easy development and big data capabilities affords businesses much room for innovation. The Business Maturity Model was introduced, a model which evidences how Operational Efficiency, Business Intelligence and Business Transformation are all achieved when IoT solutions are adopted.

With Microsoft IoT Central, manufacturers gain device connectivity and management, telemetry ingestion and command & control, monitoring rules & triggered actions, user roles and permissions, intelligent dashboards, visualisation & insights all fully hosted and managed by Microsoft. Using the scenario of a food manufacturer installing IoT enabled temperature and humidity sensors into an automated warehouse, we demonstrated the ease of creating an IoT dashboard containing real-time information from devices as well as a mobile app that receives push notifications in case of issues, connects with the sensors to gather and share information and control systems, ultimately improving the entire product maintenance process.

The workshop concluded that Microsoft’s business and IoT solutions on the intelligent edge can award manufacturers a plethora of business benefits, enhancing manufacturing processes and systems across the board. If you missed our first Workshop, register to attend our second Manufacturing Cloud Workshop on the 5th June. To read more about the 7 emerging technology trends in manufacturing, download our whitepaper or contact us today.


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