Raise the Bar with User Efficiency in NAV 2018

If you’ve recently invested in NAV 2018, or are thinking about it, we’ve got your steps to user efficiency sorted.

Inefficiency costs. As much as 20-30 percent of your revenue each year is lost on inefficiency. Not only does it cost money, but it also costs you time, reduces quality and damages employee morale. If you’ve recently invested in NAV 2018, or are thinking about it, we’ve got your steps to user efficiency sorted.

Personalised Workspaces, even when you’re Hot-Desking

It doesn’t matter where you’re working when it comes to efficiency in NAV 2018. Built into the system is a personalisation tool which allows users to display the important information about their role and conceal what isn’t relevant. Through the web browser users can customise their data to show KPIs, fields, columns and content so that their workspace is relevant and available wherever they’re working. With users logging on to all of their must-see information in one place, there’s less time to be wasted searching around files for it all.

Uncomplicate your Invoices

It’s imperative that invoices are accurate, there’s no room for mistakes. Gone are the days of manually cancelling out mistakes by adding false values. In NAV 2018 the Job Planning Lines are automated, simplifying the process so that users can spend their time efficiently.

Be a Task Master

NAV 2018 empowers every user to become a task master. Users are able to create their own tasks and reminders and assign tasks to others. NAV’s Role Centre links outstanding tasks to pages and reports, helping simplify productivity. Completed a task? Users can delete tasks that are complete or no longer necessary.

Push the Boundaries

The benefits don’t end where NAV 2018 does. The beauty of the Microsoft Dynamics stack is that everything can integrate with everything else. If you integrate NAV 2018 with Dynamics 365 for Sales, users can synchronise sales orders and data in both of the applications, cutting out time toing and froing between the two. By linking these systems sales orders will be shared automatically from Dynamics 365 for Sales into NAV 2018.

If you want to learn more about NAV 2018, boosting your user efficiency or integrating it with the rest of the Dynamics 365 stack, chat with us today. To read about the Microsoft Dynamics solutions we provide, take a look at our product pages.

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