Real Madrid’s Game-plan with Power BI Data Analytics

With football, some things are simple: you need the best players to win and a happy, committed fan-base to support them.

With football, some things are simple: you need the best players to win and a happy, committed fan-base to support them.

Real Madrid are one of Europe’s most successful football teams. With 17 European titles to their name, it’s not hard to see why they have an estimated 500 million strong fan-base. But with this large fan-base come complications. They need to understand who their fans are, their demographics and locations, which fixtures they’ve attended, when they’ve visited the website or app and what they’ve bought from the club shop. Fundamental to achieving this is a strategic use of technology.

Football clubs have reached a point where they are competing in a media saturated world for people’s time. To really understand this, Real Madrid have been working with Microsoft since 2014, taking advantage of the best data analytics software on the market: Power BI. This platform took Real Madrid from having just 5 data sources to a massive 70, revolutionising the experience of their club members and supporters – score!

Just like football players must be agile on the pitch, the club must be agile in their responses to supporters’ needs. The data and analytics Real Madrid gain through their Power BI capabilities is used to inform their marketing campaigns. It gives them the information they need to know which of their supporters they should target, in which ways and with which offers. Their elegant Power BI dashboards provide a single view to inform every part of their relationship with their supporters, completely transforming it.

Typically, football is a competition that exists on and off the pitch and winning is always the goal. To beat competition across the board, it helps to truly nurture club supporters. Power BI gives them the portal through which to really connect with their supporters, improving their experiences whilst increasing the Club’s revenue. And with higher revenue, clubs are more able to re-invest in their team, spending more money for better players – and better players win.

The tactics come full circle, and with their Microsoft Power BI data and analytics, Real Madrid are more than just football leaders: they are digital leaders too. The power of understanding your audience – whether they’re supporters of a football team, customers of a store or clients of a manufacturing organisation – is not to be underestimated. Microsoft Dynamics software bridges the gap between customer engagement and big business benefits.

To take your game-plan up a notch with Power BI’s big data and analytics, get in touch with our data scientists.


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