Simplifying HR Process With Dynamics 365 Human Resources

Simplifying HR Process With Dynamics 365 Talent

One of the biggest expenses organisations face is the cost of ‘hiring and firing’. Some estimates suggest that replacing a single member of staff could cost your organisation more than £30,000.

This alarming number highlights the importance of avoiding staff churn and added cost whenever possible and stresses how key efficiency within your HR department is.

Improving HR Functions With A Simpler HR Process

The cost of replacing an employee comes down to two factors.

First, there’s the loss of productivity while the handover is taking place. The Oxford Economics report earlier mentioned assumes that an employee takes around 28 weeks to fully settle in.

Secondly, your organisation has to absorb the cost of recruitment. This might include the time set aside for interviews, the cost of advertising, and the resource required within the HR department.

Dynamics 365 for Talent aims to simplify the HR process throughout the employee lifecycle, tackling inefficiency at both of these touchpoints. Broadly speaking, this process is split into three key areas:

  • It helps the organisation retain people for a role.
  • It ensures that the onboarding and off-boarding process is as streamlined as possible.
  • It reduces the transaction cost of HR.

Key to its functionality is a direct exchange of data between your Dynamics 365 and other solutions that form part of your modern workplace.  For example, Dynamics 365 Talent hooks into Microsoft Office and other market solutions via the common data service.

Driving Everyday Efficiency with Dynamics 365 Talent

Not only does Dynamics 365 for Talent cover the aforementioned ‘worker’ lifecycle well – helping to ensure that costs are managed, it also improves the efficiency within your HR team during everyday activities. For example, important aspects of HR, like compliance, can be brought under the same roof using Dynamics 365 for Talent.

Likewise, leave management, performance goals, and health and safety initiatives can be managed and tracked in the same place. There’s even an employee-facing portal where each person can access their own HR record, securely, at any time.

Not only does this mean that your HR team can work more efficiently, but it also reduces the chance of data being leaked or lost, because your HR team won’t have to transfer information from one application to another. When working with highly sensitive personal information, the security of Dynamics 365 for Talent is key to avoiding another unwanted expense – the potential for a penalty under GDPR.

Making the Switch & Simplifying HR Processes

Any organisation with a busy HR department could make considerably productivity gains from a simpler HR process, driven by Dynamics 365 Talent.

In our team at QUANTIQ, we have a wealth of Dynamics for Talent experts including highly experienced HR professionals, who know this software inside-out. And we are experts in designing and implementing Dynamics 365 solutions for organisations. By analysing your existing IT infrastructure and internal processes, we can ensure that you make the most of the solution without buying in to areas that won’t offer benefits.

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