Taking Digital Disruption in your Stride with Dynamics 365

Taking Digital Disruption in your Stride with Dynamics 365

Whether you’re at the start of your digital transformation journey or have already made good progress, it’s likely you are becoming increasingly aware of the potential to disrupt your marketplace with new ways of working.  The potential for technology to allow entrepreneurs and leaders to deliver services in a way that goes against the grain of tradition is huge: we are no longer limited by technology. Only our own imaginations - or ambitions - can hold us back.

Digital transformation requires organisations to think and behave differently, but in our increasingly digital world this is not always a giant leap forward.

As consumers ourselves, we’re used to the digital experience and we expect a streamlined experience whether we interact with an organisation online, by phone or in person.  So, when it comes to digital transformation in our own organisations, the changes required are steps forward rather than giant leaps.  Even if the work required to achieve digital transformation is hard going and you are literally transforming from a spreadsheet-led organisation, chances are that senior leadership are onboard and fully supportive, so will see the programme through whatever it takes.

Digital Disruption with Dynamics 365

Digital disruption is another thing altogether, but what we are finding when in discussions with clients is that the data capability now available to them as a result of Dynamics 365 implementation is immense.  They are beginning to see the potential to become disrupters in their own marketplace, simply as a result of being able to access and utilise data in different ways.

It’s fair to say that those who succeed in digital disruption are those which find it most easy to share data across organisation functions, something which Microsoft Dynamics 365 actively facilitates.

The fact that a solution stack like Dynamics 365 means that sales, service, marketing and management can obtain a ‘one truth’ picture of what’s actually happening within an organisation makes a huge difference when trying to make good – and bold - decisions.

Unleashing Your Potential

Knowing the potential impact of a decision made in one area of an organisation on another area of the organisation not only reduces risk and increases buy-in but also allows teams to work together to create even better results.  This is especially true when trying to disrupt your marketplace or try new, untested ways of working or packaging your proposition.  You must first disrupt what happens – and how people think – within your own organisation before you can even begin to change hearts and minds externally.  And technological capability coupled with data management is at the core of such change.

That said, just because you can use technology to shake up the way your industry does things doesn’t mean to say you should.

The case for digital disruption must be made from the customer’s point of view.  Technology is fascinating but the world moves at such a pace few of us can use technology for the sake of it: the organisations that truly disrupt know exactly what their customers want and use technology to deliver it: faster, cheaper, easier.  Amazon is perhaps the best-known disrupter and is working hard to continue to lead the: though even Amazon knows it is not immune to smaller, more agile competitors.  So, if a company as successful as Amazon has to fight for its position, what then for the rest of us?

Being disruptive certainly isn’t easy and it’s rarely spontaneous. It’s often a cultural identity, a way of getting people to work together by thinking differently.  But with technology such as Dynamics 365, you can seamlessly integrate ERP, CRM and HCM applications, closing the silos in data-sharing which have traditionally held digital disrupters back.  The power of this technology lies in its ability to transfer power to its users.  You no longer need to be an IT guru to change the way things are done: to serve customers differently and better.

With significant experience in Dynamics 365, we are well equipped to help you with your organisation with digital transformation, and to begin thinking differently about how technology can set you apart from the crowd.  Even if you don’t aspire to be a digital disrupter, or if the concept is new to you, the possibilities with this exciting technology are open to all.

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