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The benefits of making QUANTIQ your Cloud Solutions Provider

Opting for a CSP arrangement is a smart move for it is the most flexible way to own what you use. CSP refers to the licensing mechanism, the contractual arrangement you enter into to procure your software estate. It provides a subscription to your cloud solution(s) on a per user, per month (PUPM) basis rather than making a one-off purchase upfront for all potential users before they are actually live.  CSP also retains the flexibility to increase or decrease monthly in line with your needs.


However, a CSP license also requires your provider to be alongside you every day to support those licenses with certifications, capabilities, support and skills. Therefore choosing a CSP partner is a crucial decision. Ideally, you need an organisation you can trust to be honest, act fast and prioritise your business needs at every level.


If you choose QUANTIQ as your CSP you’ll be awarded assistance with the strategy, deployment and management of your cloud initiative. QUANTIQ CSP arrangements bring choice and flexibility. Clients are able to choose whether they are billed upfront monthly, or upfront annually regardless of the subscription they are on. What’s more, licenses can be added or reduced at any time – with payment for those additional licenses being taken at the next billing date. The entire arrangement is geared to benefit the client, giving them full control and flexibility.


Imagine you’ve implemented your new solution in the cloud and after a period of adjustment you establish an issue – something you don’t understand about the solution – that’s damaging your business. In a CSP relationship with QUANTIQ, you have access to the highest quality support. We would make sure to prioritise supporting your organisation through application issues.  Combined with a full support contract, we can extend that support to all the configurations and interfaces. We form partnerships where our clients have the control they need over their solution and their licenses, but we remain side-by-side to offer a helping hand and over 100 years of combined expertise in our field.


It doesn’t matter how many users your business has, CSP with QUANTIQ is an option for you. Let us help you take care of your information, your users and your business. If your business is ready to put its information in the safe, reliable hands of QUANTIQ and the cloud, contact us today to explore how we can work together to boost your business.