The Importance of Dedicated Dynamics 365 Support in 2020

The Importance of Dedicated Dynamics 365 Support in 2020

Thanks to the wide applicability and high functionality of Dynamics 365, organisations have been able to streamline practices, organise data and cut costs like never before. However, for some organisations it can be difficult to truly maximise the value of every feature of Dynamics 365. This may be due to a lack of understanding, a scarcity of resources or a lack of designated IT personnel with the training to understand the benefits of each functionality.

These limitations are particularly true of Not for Profit organisations, which can often be hampered in their drive towards agility even when using Dynamics 365. The importance of dedicated Dynamics 365 support cannot be overstated and is an essential component of maximising the value of the platform. With dedicated support in all aspects of Dynamics 365, your organisation is streamlined for success in 2020 and beyond. Make the most of your Dynamics, with assistance and support from QUANTIQ.

Who can support my organisation in using Dynamics 365?

Here at QUANTIQ, we are a leading, global Microsoft Dynamics 365 partner, and are able to both manage and support your organisation in maximising the functionality of your Dynamics 365 platform. In addition, we provide support by helping our clients to understand and make the most of their legacy GP systems. Consistently awarded Microsoft partnership award honours, we are internationally recognised for providing an outstanding level of support to all clients.

Our Microsoft accreditations and qualifications

For the second time, we have been awarded the esteemed Inner Circle Status from Microsoft. In practice, this means we sit within the top global 1% of Microsoft partners displaying commitment to support and customer satisfaction in Dynamics and Dynamics Business Applications. In addition to this qualification, we are a Microsoft Gold Partner, because of our outstanding competence and expertise in Microsoft Technologies.

What can we do?

As a highly trained and trusted partner of Microsoft, we are uniquely well-placed to provide the utmost in dedicated Dynamics 365 support in consultation, advice and installation, as well as unparalleled training for staff and in-house technical owners. Clients can make the most of our extensive accreditation with more than just this expert technical support: we are able to offer consultation alongside regular checks and updates to your systems. This Data Platform Health Check service allows clients to monitor and measure the application of solutions, as well as address any issues before they arise.

At QUANTIQ, we like to go above and beyond for our clients, treating every project as though it were our own. We have the highest commitment to providing the strongest levels of support and customer service with any Dynamics 365 software implementation, in addition to the training and installation you expect.

The future is looking more and more digital: don’t get left behind. Ensure your organisation recognises the importance of dedicated Dynamics 365 support in 2020, and partner with us today. Contact us today to see how you can make the most of the Dynamics 365 support on offer in 2020 and beyond.