The key materials of Industry 4.0: Manufacture your own Digital Transformation

If your machinery fails, your business suffers. Are there ways to reduce your risk of failure? One way is intelligent technology.

If your machinery fails, your business suffers. Are there ways to reduce your risk of failure? One way is intelligent technology. With manufacturers embracing the value of digital transformation, you can’t afford to get left behind. Like the industrial revolution brought industry about, digital transformation is the foundation of Industry 4.0 ; an industrial revolution of the technological kind.

Breaking It Down & Building It Up

Better customer service, more informed employees, the smoothest operations and the highest quality products and services: Industry 4.0 brings digital transformation in four key components. The first block to build with – operational efficiency.

Optimise Operations

Using AI and machine learning, the IoT connects your manufacturing information with physical objects. It can report on the health of your own machinery – or that which you’ve provided to customers – alerting you to upcoming system failures, parts which need replacing or any general issues with the product. What’s more, it can be fully automated to order replacement parts before things go wrong – so the chances of mishaps are far less likely.

Industry 4.0’s technology uses sensors to streamline an entire factory: the Smart Factory. With your machinery already sharing analytics with you, it can share information across your whole factory for the most efficient operations manufacturing has ever seen.

Transform Products and Services

Change how you deliver value. Creating digital portfolios, visualising problems and solutions and better understanding your customers’ needs are all possible with a digital transformation. With the actionable IoT insights, you’ll be informed to make the most of opportunities as they arise. Using industry 4.0 technologies, like Microsoft’s Dynamics 365, data is utilised as a strategic asset so that you can sort the nice ideas from the great ones.

Empower Employees

When employees are autonomous, trusted and empowered they have a more fulfilling experience at work. Giving your factory some power doesn’t take it away from your employees. Adopting industry 4.0 technologies that are intelligent and secure opens up a work environment that is flexible. Digital transformation allows employees to communicate and collaborate with each other and with the smart factory itself – from any location, on any device. For an additional bonus, happy employees are 12% more productive.

Engage Customers

Today’s customers are fickle and impatient. If their needs aren’t understood, there’s no instant gratification or they simply aren’t engaged with in the way they want, they will find something else. Understanding customer spending habits and time between re-purchases will help you know how to market your products, and who to market them to. Industry 4.0’s digital transformation brings technologies that help you track your customer interactions and turns them into intelligent insights, so you can make the most of your customer relationships.

Don’t miss out on the next industrial revolution. We can advise on, implement and support you while you manufacture your digital transformation. If you’re ready seize industry 4.0 by storm, chat with us to explore a plan for action.


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