The Major Benefits Offered By Dynamics 365 for Not For Profits

The Major Benefits Offered By Dynamics 365 for Not For Profits

Today, it is essential for all Not for Profit organisations to adapt in line with an increasingly digital world. Communication, transparency, and a comprehensive system to track donor or volunteer management systems are all vital elements of a successful Not for Profit organisation. It is also vital that Not for Profits can organise all the information that they collect through donor involvement and member work, in order to create and implement effective strategies for change.

To be truly effective, Not for Profits must take advantage of the technology available to them: using industry-wide digitisation to maximise the benefits of their work. Resources like Dynamics 365 are invaluable for these organisations as they offer major benefits for the Not for Profit sector. These advantages include the streamlining of data, a customisable platform, and effective donor and volunteer management. Learn about the benefits Dynamics 365 offers Not for Profits, with this guide from QUANTIQ.

Unification and Increased Analytics

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers a complete visualisation of departments within Not for Profit organisations. Team members are able to view interactions, data and output from each department, which enables a truly 360 view of the organisation and the work being done. To have a clear understanding of the organisation’s goals, successes or areas for improvement, it is vital to facilitate cross-departmental communication and analysis.

In addition, when using Dynamics 365, users can track and manage donations and how they relate to either specific campaigns or to donors over time. This unification means that full access can be provided in one place to recurring donations, history and pattern thereof, including personal information and donor profile – and all of this data is securely stored.

Dynamics 365: A customisable platform

Another major benefit offered by Dynamics 365 is its capacity for customisation. Not for Profit organisations are able to configure the platform to reflect their unique needs and/ or current strategy. For instance, Not for Profits often engage in strategic and targeted campaigns of raising awareness and funds, depending on the most urgent need at any given time. With Dynamics 365, users are able to configure the platform to enable personalised communications. Dynamics 365 allows Not for Profits to create custom segments of contacts for individual campaigns, which restricts such contact to donors and members who have a recorded interest in being contacted. At QUANTIQ, leading Microsoft Dynamics Partner, we are additionally able to provide support for clients in tailoring their platform to best reflect their needs.

Effective donor and volunteer management

When digitising their work, a priority for Not for Profits tends to be their ability to integrate in amongst existing donor and volunteer management systems. Typically, Not for Profits rely on the agile management of such systems and prioritise the clarity and integration of this management.

To facilitate this vital integration, Dynamics 365 offers not for profits Office 365 and PowerBI, which allows team members, fundraisers and CRM managers to manage and communicate directly with donors and volunteers. Not only does this integration allow for the clear analysis and presentation of patterns of donor and volunteer engagement, but this in turn allows organisations to effectively target work where it is needed, increasing contributions and volunteerism.

This functionality additionally offers increased control over events like fundraisers and conferences, over all aspects including guest lists, communication, venue booking, organizing sponsorship and even tracking attendance.

These are just some of the major benefits offered by Dynamics 365 for Not for Profit organisations. If you wish to discover more about how Not for Profits can reap the rewards of using Dynamics 365, please do get in touch with us today to speak to a member of our expert team.