We’ve padded out our nest!

We’ve padded out our nest!

Settling down? Not a chance, we’re always on the move!

Jewry street sees an injection of elegance with QUANTIQ taking up residence in the heart of London. Our dynamic brand fills a bright, airy space where our highly skilled team get to do their best work.

A project that’s taken months of planning comes together in a weekend with military precison under the calm watchful eye of our exceptional Office Manager, Lisa Melia.

Our ambition

Much has been written about the impact of your environment on employee engagement and creativity, we’ve assimilated these insights to achieve a space that inspires innovation.

Along with Amy Townsend from Ultimate and Jon Manning of The Keyboard Group we were able to create a simple, elegant, colourful and bold place to call home.

The interior project in detail

Looking beyond the rubble of the building site our first site visit plotted the lay of the land. The plans came to life and made their way to print within a month, a great job done by all.

We created an impressive timeline as the first impression when entering the space. The floor-to-ceiling vinyl perfectly reflects the light and colour of the graphics in the entrance. Positive inspiring messages such as ‘Where great ideas happen’ introduce the meeting areas, combined with a friendly tone of voice for the hanging signage.

Every detail was considered from the colour and textures of the carpet, chairs, furniture and separation screens, hanging signs to door signage all ensuring that the perfect look was achieved.

And what a result!

Discover QUANTIQ

Find out how our products can be applied to help your business realise results.

QUANTIQ is formed of a collection of brilliant, knowledgeable and experienced individuals.
Our Team work with Microsoft’s specially crafted Business Applications to transform our clients’ business processes.
We are skilled at simplifying business processes and enhancing business performance to drive growth, profitability, and efficiency.
At QUANTIQ, we understand that our employees are responsible for our company’s success.

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