What got QUANTIQ feeling Inspired in Vegas with Microsoft?

Inspiration can strike at the unlikeliest of times, in the unlikeliest of places. It’s no surprise, however, that Microsoft’s Inspire event is spreading inspiration like wildfire.

Inspiration can strike at the unlikeliest of times, in the unlikeliest of places. It’s no surprise, however, that Microsoft’s Inspire event is spreading inspiration like wildfire. A convention which celebrates tech, spreads knowledge and gives a voice to the impact upcoming projects will make on the world – it’s hard not to feel the excitement.

The last 12 months have been transformative for Microsoft and their channel partners, but the main message of this Inspire has been about looking to the next 12 months. For Microsoft and its channel partners, the next year is one of acceleration.

Inspire heard Satya Nadella deliver the message of how we can work together, using the power of the Microsoft Intelligent Cloud and the Microsoft Intelligent Edge, to deliver on the mission of empowering every person and organisation on the planet to achieve more. After their strongest year in Business Applications (Dynamics), Microsoft were excited looking to this year and the years to come. As Microsoft is a cloud-first, digital organisation, Inspire served as a reminder of the purpose of the technologies we provide and the impact for the many Microsoft clients worldwide. Their ethos is to be partner-led in their approach, meaning that their vision for Microsoft Dynamics users is made a reality through their partner network. As an Inner Circle Gold Partner, we are in the top 1% of Microsoft partners worldwide for Dynamics Business Solutions, placing us at the forefront of realising Microsoft’s innovative digital approach for organisations around the world.

Microsoft solution area leaders shared news of new resources and assets that will enable their partners to deliver strong Modern Life solutions. Clients came forward to share their stories about how Microsoft 365 empowers employees to work more creatively, securely and productively and how the expanding Azure platform is inspiring innovation across industries.

Microsoft will continue to innovate in empowering every individual on the planet with technology. This Inspire raised, in particular, how STEM needs to become a more diverse field and debated how we can achieve that together. It’s fact that organisations which hire more diverse teams are 35% more likely to succeed. And successful organisations provide higher quality services to their clients. As a Microsoft partner that has diversity at our heart, we are proud to push for progress to improve the STEM space. To achieve this, there are unconscious biases we need to overcome in our sector, especially when we’re creating AI and other intelligent technology – we don’t want to pass on the unconscious biases of our society to the technology we create. Microsoft are pledging to always keep this in the forefront of their efforts, and we will too.

Attending Inspire spread electricity – every member of the Microsoft ecosystem is more prepared and better informed to transform the lives of people and organisations with cutting-edge technology. For our clients there’s only good news. Pioneering within their space is what Microsoft do best and this year will see us step our game up in tandem as their partner, continuing to empower Dynamics clients – both current and future.

If you’re feeling inspired, talk to our experts today about how Dynamics can empower you and your organisation to achieve more.


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