What our Microsoft Competencies mean to you

If you’re looking to change your business with intelligent technology the choice is simple, Microsoft is the ticket.

If you’re looking to change your business with intelligent technology the choice is simple, Microsoft is the ticket. Choosing your Microsoft Partner – the team who will need to understand your unique needs and work tirelessly to help you meet them – that’s where things can feel a little complicated. Google “Microsoft Dynamics Partner” and you will be met with a seemingly endless list of Partners with different certifications attached to their name. So, the question is what are these Microsoft competencies and why should it matter to you? Here’s what it means for you, our clients.

This year, for the second time, we have been awarded Microsoft’s Inner Circle Status. You may recall our previous blog post on the subject: this puts us in the elite group of partners (the top 1% worldwide) based on our commitment to customer success when implementing Dynamics Business Applications and is a testament our dedication, expertise and drive to improve business for our clients.

We also have another phrase attached to our name as one of Microsoft’s Partners: we are a Microsoft Gold Partner! It’s impressive because Microsoft Gold Partners have the highest level of competence and expertise for Microsoft Technologies, as well as the best-in-class capabilities to deploy Microsoft Business Applications. In our organisation to date, we have a collective 375 certifications of Microsoft competencies which is indicative of our dedication to learning and our skilled workforce who accomplish great things with ease. What’s more, Gold Partners have access to continuous technical support as well as news and updates all directly from Microsoft. This direct line to Microsoft puts us in the centre of the Microsoft Partner community, meaning we are extremely well positioned to deliver value to our clients.

Our Gold Certifications include:

  • Gold ERP: best-in-class for deploying Microsoft ERP solutions
  • Gold CRM: best-in-class for deploying Microsoft CRM solutions
  • Gold Cloud Platform: best-in-class for Microsoft’s Cloud Business solutions
  • Gold Data Analytics: best-in-class for Microsoft’s Data Analytics services

We also have a Silver Application Integration certification attached to our name. This means that we have demonstrated consistent capability, expertise and commitment to integrating Microsoft’s intelligent Business Applications.

Together, our Microsoft Gold Partner and Inner Circle Certifications mean we have the absolute highest level of access to Microsoft’s tools, intelligence, training programmes and support – which is what allows us to deliver success for our clients. It means we are recognised as experts at delivering Dynamics 365 Applications, in the cloud, for organisations of a range of sizes and industries. So, if you want to change your Business with intelligent Microsoft Technologies, pick a partner with technical expertise, recognised dedication to their clients, a track-record of success and the Microsoft competencies to match.

To learn more about what our Microsoft competencies can mean for you, or to see how we can deliver Microsoft Business Applications to meet your unique business needs, contact us today for a free consultation.


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