What’s the Buzz about Dynamics 365?

What’s the Buzz about Dynamics 365?

“Digital Transformation” is the business buzz-phrase on everyone’s lips, so what’s the big deal? Organisations are learning that the only way to survive in today’s fast-paced, tech-based society is to modernise their business: inside and out. Software runs almost all businesses today and having the right Business Application is often the difference between success and failure.

But then it becomes more complicated – where do you start? A modern Business Application suite covers financial and resource planning plus customer engagement and broad business processes. Terms like ERP and CRM are antiquated and a modern, scalable, flexible business application such as Microsoft Dynamics 365 can make business that little bit sweeter.

Microsoft produce the most modern of all the available Business Application suites as Dynamics 365 which constantly evolves on a Cloud platform delivering the kinds of workplaces we are heading towards. It’s time to abandon being restricted to a 9-5 workday and a corporate office headquarters, and welcome Business Anywhere. If your work dictates that you need users and resources working on the road – they can. From anywhere, from their phone, tablet, notebook or even their watch – any device with a mobile or WIFI connection. Not to mention, sometimes you need to get a task done outside of “office hours”. Dynamics 365 accommodates that too.

Business Applications that are not built for the future, will inevitably fail you. Outdated solutions leave you doing more leg-work, lower your productivity and drain time and money. Expensive servers and server rooms take up precious space in your offices and are costly to manage, maintain and upgrade. Dynamics 365 solutions are all available in the cloud – so say hello to modern business. What’s more, Dynamics 365 visualises your business performance live and onscreen through Power BI.  These actionable insights are comprehensive and accessible – putting you one step ahead of the curve.

The saying goes you catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Let Dynamics 365 be the hive to keep your customers sweet and your employees sweeter with solutions that are intuitive, seamless, cost-effective and empowering. To learn more about what a Dynamics 365 Digital Transformation can do for your organisation, give one of our experts a buzz today.