What’s up with D365 Business Edition?

Business benefits such as deployment flexibility and scalability have largely focused on the advantages large enterprises can gain from adopting cloud-based systems.

This article comes at a timely juncture as the refinements in the Microsoft Dynamics application stack have just been announced.  With Dynamics NAV 2018 being released in just over a month, and clarity to the Dynamics Business edition, SME’s are spoilt with choice when it comes to Cloud friendly, feature-rich modern software. 

Business benefits such as deployment flexibility and scalability have largely focused on the advantages large enterprises can gain from adopting cloud-based systems. The Cloud, for example, makes it easier to integrate IT across multiple sites, and cheaper to plug in large numbers of users with reduced license fees.

But the Cloud also offers considerable perks to SMEs. And Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 application is a perfect example of why.

Traditionally, ERP and CRM software platforms have been the preserve of big business. Products like Dynamics AX and Dynamics CRM were weighty and complex pieces of software, they came with high licensing costs, requiring  powerful servers to run on, and carried considerable configuration and maintenance demands.

To any business, the rewards of running such systems are great, whether it is integrating and automating key processes to improve efficiency and productivity, or providing high quality business intelligence on which to base strategic decisions.

But to gain these benefits, the platform has to be a viable option in the first place. Given the price points, given the system requirements, given the complexity, most SMEs might at best be faced with an either / or choice between ERP and CRM. So, what do you go for – business performance or customer service?

Dynamics 365: All in one solution

The Cloud has removed the need to choose. As a hosted service, Dynamics 365 doesn’t need a big data centre to run on.. Most importantly of all for SMEs, it is available on a very affordable license basis.

Not only that, but Dynamics 365 makes all Dynamics solutions available in one place. It is both a cloud ERP solution and a CRM platform. It offers modules for sales, service, finance and operations, talent and marketing. These can all be run individually, or to provide a complete end-to-end business solution. It is completely flexible according to whatever the business needs.

Dynamics 365 removes the headache of trying to integrate separate ERP and CRM systems together, which demands programming expertise most SMEs just don’t have in house. Everything is already set up to run seamlessly together. At the same time, user permissions mean you can still segment different functions to different individuals and teams. Integration doesn’t mean an access-all-areas free-for-all, risking confusing staff with functionality they don’t need.

Crucially, Dynamics 365, and by extension cloud computing, removes the categorisation of business software by size of the company. SMEs no longer have to settle for a small business solution, which has always carried the unspoken assumption that larger enterprises are somehow getting something better from their IT. Dynamics 365 levels the playing field, everyone gets access to the same powerful suite of tools, the same functionality, the same benefits.

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