Why Power BI Should be Your Best Friend

Data is at the heart of Power BI. Bring all of your business intelligence together, allowing users to interact and visualise data all in one place.

Why Power BI Should be Your Best Friend

Power BI is Microsoft’s cloud-based business intelligence technology that is part of the Office 365 suite – the cloud-based suite of productivity applications. Power BI is a suite of business analytics tools to analyse data and share insights. Power BI dashboards provide a 360-degree view for business users with their most important metrics in one place. Big data and behavioural analytics can enable individuals and teams to save time by focusing on the highest value activities. Power BI can unify all of your organisation’s data, whether in the cloud or on-premise.

Flexible, portable and cutting-edge capabilities Power BI connects you to a wealth of Microsoft Azure services that you can use to power up your apps and data analysis even beyond visualisations services such as Machine Learning and the Cortana Intelligence Suite. In addition, the ongoing engineering investments Microsoft processes to make in Azure and Power BI means your choices and services will only amplify over time.

The primary tools within the application include Power Query to extract and transform; Power Pivot to model and analyse and Power View and Map to visualise data. The Power BI Designer consolidates what were separate tools into an all-in-one application and removes dependencies to Excel or Office.

All the data you need at your fingertips

Data is at the heart of Power BI. Bring all of your business intelligence together, allowing users to interact and visualise data all in one place. Analyse and share insights in real-time with the ability to access your data anytime, anywhere.

Experience your data in new ways

Explore your data in vivid new ways. From graphs to charts to reports, you can receive an entirely new perspective on your data, enabling you to make informed decisions and monitor your company growth. Whether your data lives in a cloud service or on-premises, Power BI enables you to connect, clean, shape, model, and visualise it with live reports and dashboards. Get started in minutes with Content Packs, pre-built dashboards, and reports for popular services.

Create interactive data visualisations

Power BI transforms your company’s data into rich visuals for you to collect and organise so you can focus on what matters to you. Power BI puts the capabilities of a Developer in the hands of the user, giving everyone in the organisation the ability to create and share beautiful interactive dashboards and reports in seconds.

Connect to any data source

Whether your data comes from Excel spreadsheets, on-premises data sources, big data, or the cloud, Power BI allows you to connect with all of your data sources in one centralised location. Since Power BI has shifted to a cloud-based and stand-alone framework, it is more easily integrated with existing data such as that found in SQL Server cubes. Businesses can access and gain insights from their existing data without the need to move this data. This cuts down on operational time while making the actual analytics process more streamlined.

Interact with your data across all devices

With Power BI Desktop, Mobile, and Gateway, your organisation has the ability to access data across all devices. Streamline your data and reports from anywhere with Power BI Mobile apps, that updates changes to your dashboards automatically.

Give your entire company access to the business intelligence (BI) they need – whenever and wherever they need it. By integrating BI into your company’s office tools, you’ll transform your data to enable greater insights for faster, more informed decisions. If you’d like to speak to one of our consultants about the prospect of implementing Power BI in your workforce, contact us today. QuantiQ can optimise your use of Power BI by providing training for your business – for example, teaching you how to use Power Queries and charts, so you get the best from your new software.