Why we chose to host our TEQDay at the Science Museum

Hear how QUANTIQ fix the pain-points in your ERP solution

Why we chose to host our TEQDay at the Science Museum

Walking through the ground-floor of the London Science Museum you are confronted with models that narrate the history of each and every transport invention. It’s hard not to think about how incredible the first penny-farthing bicycle would have been to the first person who no longer had to walk every time they needed to travel. You realise – as you look at the oldest train, the original car, the first plane – that these pieces of technology that were once revolutionary, are simply integral to our lives today.

This is why we chose to host our TEQDay at the Science Museum.

Technological advancements always seem game-changing and transformative, because they are.

First, they are radical; then, they are essential.

Cognitive computing is for human potential what the first bicycle was to transport. Much like the invention of the car didn’t replace or reduce our ability to walk but instead aided our ability to travel, AI could aid and expand our abilities in ways we may not be able to fully conceptualise yet. This is true innovation.

Computational speed and ability to manage data, combined with enhanced human empathy, judgement and creativity can become a new way to inspire positive social change. AI can do this in a manner which is inclusive of all needs, cultures and abilities. On a more precise level, AI can be used for business specifically; streamlining business practices, applications, infrastructure and tools. Business Intelligence can be made trustworthy to aid organisations’ information management with privacy protections, security and transparency. AI isn’t solutions which think for themselves, they’re solutions which think for your business.

Our TEQDay boasts expert speakers as they cover all things Microsoft Dynamics and Business Success. Joining us from Microsoft are Alex Montgomery and Kevin Hughes who will speak about Microsoft Innovation, Business Applications, the Journey to the Cloud and Democratising Artificial intelligence. Bringing D365 to life with a Demo along with our CTO, Marc Hadley-Smith, is PJ Singh, Director of Alliances at Apttus and Nick Delacamp, Vice President, UK at Cafe X.

Throughout the day we will also be hearing from accomplished members of our own QuantiQ team:

  • Candice Arnold, CMO and one of the Top 50 most Influential Women in the UK Channel, will discuss who and what QUANTIQ are.
  • Stuart Fenton, hands-on CEO who is involved in everything from making sure the door is locked to closing deals, will cover being on time and on budget.
  • Marc Hadley-Smith, CTO, will provide a demo of D365 solutions in action.
  • Mark Gallagher, experienced IT Pre-Sales consultant, will share his thoughts on D365 for Talent and how it leverages LinkedIn integration.
  • Colin Bain, COO and driving force behind QUANTIQ’s delivery will share his expertise on D365 in a Q&A session.
  • Andy Hayward, CSO with high-energy to drive change in organisations with the use of technology will be making sense of Dynamics in a Q&A session.
  • Kerry Hughes Wright, Programme Director with extensive experience in analysing business requirements and translating these into systems solutions, will share her expertise on ensuring success.
  • Jerry Dromey, Head of Practice Dynamics AX will be making sense of sharing his Dynamics knowledge in a Q&A session.

Much like modern transport has made the world a more accessible place, Microsoft Dynamics solutions can do the same for human practices and business management, projecting human skills into an enhanced state of performance. You can’t benefit from the invention of the bike if you can’t ride it. You can’t benefit from AI if you don’t integrate it into your organisation. This is what progressive Artificial Intelligence is about: introducing innovation.