Your ERP Project doesn’t have to be painful

Hear how QUANTIQ fix the pain-points in your ERP solution

Your ERP Project doesn’t have to be painful

Failed ERP Projects – you’ve heard it all before. Processes turned inside out; financial information stored in new ways; user-adoption, hard to perfect. But what if it doesn’t have to be that way? What if your ERP project could be smooth, your ERP software the ideal match and the partner you’re working with open and collaborative?

When you embark on an ERP project, there are many obstacles to overcome. Every organisation is completely unique, with their own special requirements and key processes. At QUANTIQ, we are adept at assisting organisations to build the best ERP solution to fit all those unique processes, using Dynamics technologies and our expert consulting skills.

Save Money & Time with a streamlined ERP Project

Being systems experts alone isn’t enough. As consultants, our task is to break down the challenges and pain-points you face, so that ERP projects don’t go south. It’s our job to guide and advise you on your best route to an outstanding ERP solution, even if that means uniquely engineering processes to fit your newly chosen solution. We can save you unnecessary time and cost by considering your full context and requirements, building you an ERP system to last.

Get an ERP Solution that fits your processes

If you’re considering the move from your current ERP system to Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations, you’re probably wondering if some of your unique business processes can be replicated. In a typical project, this is not straightforward. And if you’re working with the wrong team, these issues don’t get the attention they need and can ultimately lead to your ERP implementation being unsuccessful.

Working with QUANTIQ, however, you can rest assured that we will dedicate our team to understanding your processes; what they facilitate and what the final output should be. Armed with the knowledge of what your ERP solution is designed to do, we design a streamlined approach to developing the relevant functionality to meet your needs without compromising the success of your new ERP project.

No frills: An ERP Project that does what you need it to

One key reason ERP projects fail is over-development. Luckily, we know when to draw the line and are ready to advise you on when unique functionality is necessary and when it isn’t. Sticking as close to the “out of the box” application as possible will not only save you money, time, training and testing, it gives you an ERP solution that’s built to last; ready for seamless upgrades and able to evolve with your organisation.


Working with QUANTIQ is a guaranteed balanced partnership, where both parties are equally as invested in building the best possible ERP software.

ERP Projects don’t have to be painful. The right software for you is a great start. What makes it better is the right partnership. Choosing to work with a Consultancy like us is a fail-safe way to know you’ll end up with a successful ERP solution, not a failed Project. Our team go above and beyond to ensure the solution is perfect, the processes run smoothly, and your users are trained-up and ready to use their new solution.

To learn more about ERP solutions we offer, visit our Products overview or Cloud ERP Solutions. If you’re ready to talk about a painless ERP upgrade today, contact us and we’ll be sure to give you the help you need.