Take Dynamics to the next level with QUANTIQ’s Managed Services

Take Dynamics to the next level with QUANTIQ’s Managed Services

Taking advantage of Microsoft Dynamics Technologies is the single best decision modern organisations can make. The second-best decision? Supporting that technology with QUANTIQ’s managed services

Whether that’s through technical support or consulting that supports your business processes in parallel, we have flexible offerings to help.

Much like a toddler, once your technology is up and running there’s always the risk of a bump in the road. Not because the technology is flawed – it isn’t – but because of external factors; other technology, new users who may be unsure and good old human error. But not to worry, we work alongside many of our clients as their long-term partner, helping them get the most out of their solution after the initial implementation as their organisation grows and adapts to change and as the technology is enhanced by Microsoft.  

We have plenty of flexible support offerings to make sure your technology runs smoothly.

QUANTIQ’s Managed Services

  • 24/7 support: This is our round-the-clock support, giving complete peace-of-mind for all business-critical functions.  This is especially helpful when undertaking major business process change and projects where technology or process failure could have major impact.  
  • Bank of hours: Where the need is less critical, we provide a bank of hours which a client can call upon whenever required, enjoying the flexibility of being able to power up their Dynamics 365 solution as business needs arise.  This allows customers to come to us with their requirements, regularly adapting their Dynamics 365 to get the most out of the technology. It also always us to provide consulting that helps clients think more clearly when planning business change. 
  • Pay-as-you-go: For others, support agreements are provided on a ‘pay-as-you-go’ basis.  Clients appreciate the fact that we can provide expertise and support as required, which is especially helpful if the organisation is relatively settled and needs only an occasional focus on its CRM. 


Data platform health checks

Think of your Dynamics Technology as a shiny new car. Even the best car in the world needs to have a MOT. Our Data Platform Health Checks are MOTs for your Dynamics 365 technology. Signing up for health checks with us ensures that we will conduct functional and technical reviews on a regular basis to mitigate the risks of data errors or system malfunctions. We keep on top of system maintenance for you, so you can carry on, business-as-usual.

We even pre-empt Microsoft’s two major annual releases of their new Dynamics features, functionalities and bug-fixes and make sure everything is able to update smoothly. This is particularly critical for organisations with any bespoke customisations, because Microsoft’s updates won’t work seamlessly with your unique IP, and if left could cause issues . We can fix that by being ahead of the curve for you.

Our regular Data Platform Health Checks can also keep on-top of industry-wide technology updates, preparing and informing you of the next technological updates that you’ll need to prepare compliance for, such as Making Tax Digital.

Our system maintenance and optimisation support services include training and consultancy to help ensure your organisation and your system never fail each other. Having QUANTIQ proactively managing your Dynamics technologies not only saves you time and effort in the long-run, it also means you’re getting the best from this technology now and in the future.  

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You can find out more about our flexible support offerings and data platform health checks or get in touch to discuss your requirements with a member of our team.