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Dedicated Solutions for Nonprofits

QUANTIQ’s unique IP and Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit offer a host of features that enables Nonprofits to minimise overhead and operating expenses, maximising the throughput of funding for good causes and streamlining service delivery to their clients.

QUANTIQ Selected as a Launch Partner for Microsoft Cloud Nonprofit

QUANTIQ are selected as a launch partner for Microsoft Cloud Nonprofit

Microsoft have launched their new cloud offering tailored to Nonprofits; Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit and we at QUANTIQ are honoured by Microsoft as one of their launch partners for this exciting initiative.

Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofit transforms Microsoft's industry-leading technology by connecting it to the most common Nonprofit scenarios. Built for fundraisers, volunteer managers, program managers, and other roles unique to Nonprofit organisations, these products address the sector’s most urgent challenges.

This coupled with QUANTIQ’s unique IP will enable our Nonproft clients to thrive and continue to make a difference.

QUANTIQ’s Unique Nonprofit IP

At QUANTIQ, we have deep expertise across the Microsoft Dynamics 365 technology stack, Power Platform and Azure and wholeheartedly believe in the value it can bring to our Nonprofit clients.  So much so, we are passionate in investing and creating unique IP for specific requirements in this sector.

Check out our Care Track app that’s set to revolutionise the delivery and management of care programs in the community.

In addition to this, CareTEQ has been designed and built to facilitate and manage many of the processes that a Nonprofit organisation would typically struggle to achieve with many standard ERP solutions.

Delivering a fast and tangible Fundraising and Donation Management Solution that incorporates fundamental aspects such as Gift Aid, Volunteering and Direct Debits

Starting a digital transformation: Growing pains, early wins and what’s to come

When Leonard Cheshire began their digital transformation with QUANTIQ & Microsoft, they also committed to sharing what they’ve learned along the way—in real time—so that colleagues also striving to improve their communities could benefit from their experience.  In the first instalment of their transformational journey learn how Leonard Cheshire upgraded their technology to the most secure, efficient, and easy-to-use systems on the market, and how they are beginning to scale—so that they can provide life changing support to even more people living with disabilities.

Talk to Our Nonprofit Experts

QUANTIQ understands the significant difference Microsoft Cloud for Nonprofits can make to our clients, streamlining processes and interaction with sponsors and donors alike. With overhead and expenses reduced, more funding can be directed towards actively making a change in the world. To learn more about what QUANTIQ can do for your Nonprofit organisation, contact us today.