Transforming business payments and processes for companies and financial institutions around the world.

QUANTIQ and Bottomline

QUANTIQ are expert partners of the best ISVs and are delighted to be working with Bottomline. Together we specialise in providing unique IP and incremental technologies to complement the Microsoft Dynamics stack to elevate and optimise every client experience.

The ability to pay and get paid is critical for every business. But business payments are inherently complex and getting more so every day. In a dynamic and evolving payments landscape, Bottomline
remains focused on helping banks and businesses thrive in this connected and open world, making it easier to create a business payments strategy that helps them be successful.

As an innovator in business payment automation technology, Bottomline makes complex business payments simple, smart and secure. The proof of their success lies in the fact that thousands of corporations and banks across the globe rely on Bottomline for domestic and international payments, efficient cash management, fraud detection, regulatory compliance and more.

Simplifying, Modernising and Securing

Driven by the demands of the payments environment, the pace of technological innovation and the end to end financial processing needs of customers, Bottomline aims to help customers simplify, modernise and secure the way they process payments and settlements.

From high value, complex transactions to high volume, low-value payments-across payments, securities, foreign exchange, trade finance, and custodial business, Bottomline’s award-winning
solutions help:

Pay and collect: Use industry-approved, cloud-based solutions to make, collect and manage payments in-country and across borders, currencies, and industries. Associated inbound and outbound document automation technology complements the end to end process.

Predict and protect: Beyond adhering to regulatory and compliance requirements, Bottomline’s solutions combine user monitoring and behavioural analysis to detect potential payment fraud and reduce risk.

Connect and manage: Increase connectivity and improve the management of financial messaging activity across multiple payment networks. Bottomline’s aggregation solution for financial institutions and enterprises is a cloud-based plug-in platform that securely connects to numerous payment and settlement systems.

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We understand the many and various needs of different types of organisations. That’s why we have partnered with Bottomline to provide complete finance solutions to help your operations in the most competitive and resource-efficient way. QUANTIQ’s expert Microsoft Dynamics consultants will work alongside your internal team and Bottomline to implement a solution that can help you improve your financial performance and operational efficiency. Contact us today.