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30 Day Power Platform Adoption Framework Service

Unlock the Full Potential of the Power Platform with QUANTIQ’s 30 Day Power Platform Adoption Framework Service

Your Start to Finish approach to adopting Power Platform at Scale

How does it Work?

Microsoft’s Power Platform was designed to unlock the potential of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Together, these tools empower you to innovate with one connected platform. QUANTIQ’s 30-day Power Platform Adoption Framework will help you get the most out of these tools – and in short, it is a start to finish approach to adopting Power Platform at scale, helping you:

  • Create a Stable and Secure Strategy
  • Get Value Quickly
  • Educate and train both your citizen developers and power users
  • Create a partnership between the developers and your wider business/IT functions
  • Provide insights into previously locked away information
  • Establish internal marketing to drive both the adoption of created apps and the success of all involved

What does the 30 Day Power Platform Adoption Framework Service look like?

QUANTIQ are committed to deliver an adoption framework that best fits your deployment specification, below is a suggested timeframe:

Week 1:  Governance Track
Your admin team will be tooled and trained during this time.

Week 2:  Discovery / Road Mapping
Our QUANTIQ expert consultant will work with the relevant business owners to identify and analyse candidate workloads and to create a roadmap for adoption. In addition to this, our expert consultant will liaise with your business leaders to identify potential workloads for prototypes in the reconciliation phase.

Week 3:  Agile Design and Build (Training)
Training will start with a series of in-a-day workshops that will cover the whole of the power platform. Once these day labs are complete, QUANTIQ will run a series of focused challenges to cement the concepts learnt.

Week 4-6:  Agile Design and Build (Track)
Bringing everything together our experts will work with your newly trained teams to bring about a prototype as identified during the road mapping phase.

Weeks 4-6:  Agile Design and Build (Enterprise Management)
During the final phase, our QUANTIQ expert consultant will discuss with your key stakeholders the deployment, management, and governance of the platform at an enterprise level.

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As consultants first and foremost, you can always call us for guidance. We are always happy to provide the support and advice that you need to make sure you’re making the right progress with your solution.  Contact us today to learn more.