Microsoft Power Automate

Enabling Your Organisation to Take Care of What is Important

Microsoft Power Automate

  • Boost productivity: Build time-saving workflows into everything from individual tasks to large-scale systems with seamless integration.
  • Automate quickly and more securely: Enable everyone in your organisation to build secure workflows with a low-code, no-code guided experience to automate everyday tasks with robotic process automation (RPA).
  • Put intelligent workflows to work: Automate time-consuming manual tasks with built-in AI capabilities, giving those in your organisation time to focus on your business.

Robotic Process Automation

Save time, add scalability with Power Automate RPA

Ease of use

Create automated workflows with step-by-step guidance and an intuitive, no-code interface anyone can use, regardless of their technical expertise.

Rapid implementation

Roll out scalable changes quickly while meeting all IT security requirements—since Power Automate has Microsoft security technology built in.

Unlimited possibilities

Integrate with other Microsoft products, link new and legacy systems while also taking advantage of partner connectors—or create your own.

Power Automate Desktop

Easily automate everything from your Desktop:

  • Record desktop and web actions in a single flow
  • Automate easily with the drag-and-drop designer
  • Start with hundreds of prebuilt actions
  • Create flows that validate themselves
  • Monitor flows easily with centralised logs

Process Advisor

Simplify how you work and gain a better understanding of business processes, so you are able to optimise them.

  • Run simple process recorders:  Quickly capture the detailed steps for each process—working on your own or inviting teammates to contribute and collaborate.
  • Create rich process maps:  Find opportunities to automate your processes by seeing end-to-end visualisations of each process you record.
  • Get in-depth analytics:  Help improve processes by viewing the current variation of each process while keeping track of important metrics and learning from the insights provided.