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How to Recover and Save Your Project

A Stalled or Derailed Project Doesn't Have to Mean Disaster... QUANTIQ Have Deep Experience In Getting The Most Complex of Projects Back On Track

Remedial work may range from simple retraining on software and process, objectively understanding the quality of a partner's implementation, to re-engineering the solution from the ground up to utilise newer, more maintainable Microsoft offerings. This may include revised environments, configuration code development, use of different modules (or plug-ins) or just a different approach to using the software. Whatever is necessary, we will help you achieve project success.

Traditional CRM and ERP systems are never one-size-fits-all solutions. Projects may fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • The list of known issues at the point of go-live were never addressed, leading to a significant number of small concerns that led to a significant end user impact overall.
  • The system was implemented more than a year ago in the cloud, in which case, Microsoft have likely updated the product (at least twice!) in that time and you may not be using the most configurable and maintainable components possible.
  • The system was implemented on-premise and to offer the same level of modern design, you're having to use bespoke methods to keep up with the cloud offerings.
  • Specifically for CRM implementations, you may have found yourselves squeezing functionality into the old iterations of Sales, Service, and Marketing because there wasn't the flexibility in creating apps and sitemaps like we can today.
  • The level of engagement from stakeholders has dropped due to a lack of understanding of their business processes within the new system.
  • There is a sense of 'fitting the business process into the technology' rather than 'adapting the technology to fit the business'.
  • The price quoted by the previous partner was substantially lower than the actual cost either to win the project or because of a lack of understanding.
  • A lack of consistency between the partner's teams, leading to frustration amongst stakeholders and a misinterpretation of requirements.
  • Rushing straight into the solution design without having a complete understanding of the whole business function. Causing a complete, and costly redesign.

When it comes to implementing Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform Solutions, it’s important to realise that one size does not fit all. Every business is different. QUANTIQ have experts familiar with all versions of Microsoft's CRM & ERP offerings to make sure your solution is tailored to fit your needs with project recovery from QUANTIQ. Let us start by conducting a thorough project recovery diagnostic with objective recommendations. We’ll carry out an investigation through a series of workshops that will allow us to uncover the root causes of your distressed project. Contact us today.