Project Recovery Overview

QUANTIQ are proud to have many years of experience with Microsoft Dynamics AX, NAV and GP. We’ve implemented the software over 700 times which stretch across large scale transformation projects to delivery of specific Dynamics functionality. With just over 900 years of combined Dynamics experience, our entire organisation is designed to produce effective improved ways of working powered by Microsoft Dynamics technology. Our extensive background has enabled us to leverage our skills to assist customers who are experiencing issues with their current Microsoft Dynamics partner.

We have proven experience in re-energising stalled projects for companies who have had other partners mismanage the implementation of the software. Our project recovery services mean we diagnose your problems, propose a remedy and onboard you as a client so we can get to work delivering the business advantage you intended.

Remedial work may range from simple retraining on software and process, to re-engineering the solution from the ground up. This may include revised environments, configuration code development, use of different modules (or plug-ins) or just a different approach to using the software. Whatever is necessary, we will help you achieve project success.

CRM and ERP systems are never one-size-fits-all solutions. Projects may fail for a number of reasons, including:

  • Problems arise right from the bidding process, where one partner underbids another with no real hope of implementing successfully for the price quoted.
  • The partner has not understood the complexity in the client’s business, and as a result the client hasn’t set aside enough money in the budget to finish the job.
  • As soon as the project starts, the partner switches out the project team for junior or less capable staff. Insist on a core team from start to finish.
  • Rushing straight into the solution design without having a complete understanding of the whole business function. Missed requirements can cause a complete, and costly, redesign.
  • Implementation contracts are too vague. Ensure clearly stated deliverables and a price for each deliverable.
  • Poorly planned and executed data migration is the single greatest cause of a go-live postponement.
  • The partner’s system is not set up to capture concise data for each business objective, and fails to prevent slippage.

When it comes to implementing Microsoft Dynamics Solutions, it’s important to realise that one size does not fit all. Every business is different. Make sure your solution is tailored to fit your needs with project recovery from QUANTIQ. Let us start by conducting a thorough project recovery evaluation. We’ll carry out an investigation that will allow us to uncover the root causes of your distressed project. Contact us today.