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QUANTIQ's Care Track

Revolutionising the delivery and management of care programs in the community.

Bringing back personal engagement & allowing the focus to be on what really matters

In community and care based organisations, attention to detail is pertinent to success.

Organisations in these professions today are lacking a centralised system for evidencing their healthcare and support work during care or community projects; tracking customer records and logging notes against customers and activities.

Our Care Track App leverages the Microsoft Power Platform to deliver a responsive mobile solution. Through this, Carers, Community Service Delivery Teams, Support Workers and Clinical Professionals can capture outcome-based evidence in the form of pictures, videos, documents and notes against care plans and goals during their work.

Care Track fully integrates with the Microsoft Dynamics 365 stack, to make storing and transferring data completely seamless and give organisations a centralised view of their care and support

Our Care Track features include:

  • Mobile evidence capture against customer care plans and goals
  • An easy-to-use search function to identify customer records using a search bar or barcode scanning of care plans
  • Designed with accessibility at the core – easy read versions are available as standard
  • Evidence capture with mobile camera for picture and video, document upload and note-taking
  • Directly embedded captured evidence into Dynamics 365 for a completely seamless system with an integrated view
  • Support Risk Assessments and Goal Setting
  • Delivers measurable outcomes

Working with QUANTIQ

This App is built over the entities found within the Common Data Model for Not-for-Profit and Health organisations.

For organisations keen to have better visibility of their care-in-action, the Care Track app can be used as a standalone mobile application or as embedded content within Dynamics 365.

Think Care Track could benefit your organisation? Get in touch with us to arrange a call with one of our experts.