QUANTIQ's Citizen Portal

Within Public Sector organisations, communication and the delivery of services between the organisation and the citizen is crucial.  QUANTIQ recognises the need to deploy modern technologies and deploy them to solve traditional challenges faced by citizens and public service providers in innovative ways.  We wanted to improve visibility, efficiency and the deployment of services to enhance service quality and transform the perception of what ROI is possible through the application of modern technology.

QUANTIQ's Citizen Portal

Our Citizens Portal uses Microsoft Dynamics 365, Customer Engagement and Microsoft Power Platform to provide next generation engagement between citizens and public sector service providers.

A Power Platform Portal plus other elements of the Microsoft Power Platform including Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement and Power Apps to allow a council to provide an enhanced self-service experience for residents.

Seamless, Secure Connectivity Between CItizens & Public Sector Service Providers

The portal engine provides a journey-like experience with simple navigation to help those seeking information or wanting to submit requests to the council i.e. empowering community engagement with easy community ‘report it’ functionality:

  • The portal comes with built-in authentication and feeds into the contact entity
  • By knowing unique information about the individual (i.e. Council Tax Number), even if they’re not signed-in - we can match these to the contact information held providing an enhanced understanding through a contextualised account of the history of all interactions
  • Residents or businesses have the ability to see the data held about them, not only for tracking requests and seeing the status of progress, but also to assist in compliance with data requirements around GDPR for individuals and safeguarding of children’s data
  • Back office systems can use terminology associated with case and account management, but the portal can be entirely branded for its audience, so that users aren’t misled or confused by unfamiliar ‘system-like’ terminology
  • Importantly; the technology backbone is next generation cloud enabled low code applications which allows for rapid and therefore highly cost effective deployment in days and weeks rather than months and years making this solution accessible to hard pressed local authorities regardless of what technology they have already deployed.

Want to find out more?  Get in touch with us to arrange a call with one of our experts to assess how QUANTIQ's Citizen Portal could work for you.