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QUANTIQ's Testing Team

QUANTIQ's world class independent Testing Team offer a wide range of independent services for both existing and new clients. All QUANTIQ testers are qualified with The International Software Testing Qualifications Board and trained across the entire Dynamics stack.

QUANTIQ’s World Class Testing Team

QUANTIQ's Testing Team are here to assist you and your Dynamics implementation requirements.

QUANTIQ's World Class Testing Team

QUANTIQ's world class Testing Team offer a wide range of independent services.  QUANTIQ understands that not all clients have the required IT Support or an experienced QA team to manage the complexities involved in a Dynamics implementation. And this is where QUANTIQ can step in, and provide a range of tailored testing services and solutions to meet your requirements.

QUANTIQ's Testing Team are able to assist you no matter what your testing needs are in your project

  • Green Field Projects:  Covering a range of services from the diagnostic phase through to the operational phase. Offerings are broken down into Bronze, Silver and Gold packages meaning that no matter what your Test Requirement is, there is a standard package which could suit your business needs.  In addition to this, tailor made services are available for clients with unique testing requirements.
  • Inflight Projects:  Testing existing projects that require customization or new developments.
  • LIVE Projects:  Once projects have gone LIVE, the Testing team can assist you with building an automated test library pack to enable you to manage all Microsoft continuous updates – ensuring that you have performed the adequate testing to establish that your business functionalities are not broken and are up-to-date.

What set's the QUANTIQ Testing Team apart from other in-house testing teams is that they are truly independent

The QUANTIQ Testing Team are trained and are experts in  the Dynamics platform and follow Microsoft’s recommended quality checks – the team’s primary objectives is - Test Planning, Test Design and Test Execution.

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