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Return to Work Pro App

Optimise Individual Workspace Safety & Availability to Return to Work With Confidence

Microsoft’s Return to Work Platform

Reopen Responsibly, Monitor Intelligently, and Protect Continuously with Solutions for a Safer Work Environment

Optimise Teammate Confidence & Workspace Safety in the 'New Normal'

How we commute, enter the workplace and manage tasks are just a few of the things that we all need to adapt to as enterprises of all types begin reopening their workplaces post the initial COVID-19 emergency. This is set to be a challenging situation for most, and will require both new policies and the adoption of new tools in order to be successful and safe in our ‘new normal’ whilst ensuring the confidence of all employees.

QUANTIQ’s Return to Work App Pro is an enterprise grade extension built on top of the Microsoft Return to Work platform and offers the ability to:

  • Manage the zoning of sites
  • Facilitate with COVID-19 health & safety workflows and
  • Manage capabilities down to individual workspaces and desks.

It has been developed to aid both Management and HR Professionals in providing the most granular site level management capabilities - optimising teammate confidence and safety to ensure a safe, structured workplace reopening plan.

Return to Work App. How does it work?

QUANTIQ’s Return to Work Pro App provides organisations with the procedures required for the safe return to work. Allowing organisations to set-up whole office locations, zoning offices into individual work areas all the way down to individual workstations and desks. With capacity restrictions, booking workflows and reporting processes ensuring that all Government Guidelines are met and that teammate confidence is optimised. QUANTIQ’s Return to Work Pro App provides:

  • Each workspace within a site to have its own unique QR code and ID tag which can be placed on a workstation and scanned as cleaning staff sanitise the area - ensuring accurate COVID 19 Health & Safety records are kept and enhancing teammate confidence and safety
  • A booking system for the allocation of both ‘hot desks’ (can be booked by any member of staff) and ‘owned desks’ (can be booked by the owner or by a manager who can allocate an area to a specific person).
  • Comprehensive reporting and visibility to ensure appropriate reporting on bookings and workspace usage. In addition, teammate health status reporting and sensitisation records with automated notifications and alerts available via email or SMS.
  • The functionality to ‘block book’ employee teams or specific groups into specified sites or workspaces for defined periods.

An Example of How to Schedule a Seat via QUANTIQ’s Return to Work App

The Default Landing Screen for the Return to Work App displays in a calendar view whilst highlighting any current scheduled bookings.

The easy to follow navigation, allows the user to quickly book a seat for themselves or others.

QUANTIQ’s Return to Work Apps allows the user to select the seat, date and who the seating is being reserved for.

When making a reservation, the built-in employee search facility adds to the ease of the booking process.

If a desired date is not available, the system will display who has made the reservation during the desired time.

Once a booking is complete, there is also a fully customisable message area – enabling the user to add vital safety information and office guidelines.

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Ensuring that your team is protected, and you have the policies and procedures in place to maintain a safe and productive working environment is of paramount importance to QUANTIQ and requires new controls.  If you would like to discuss this further, contact us today.