Dynamics Support

Support Desk

We’ve been supporting Dynamics products for over 20 years and our dedicated managed services team have an average of 8 years; experience of the Dynamics products, giving them the depth and breadth of knowledge to support your Dynamics solution no matter which version you are on (with no pressure to upgrade). They can be contacted as and when you need them by phone, email or via our web portal. This saves you having to develop and maintain the skills in house for those rare occasions when you may need it. Our service is backed with a clear SLA, monthly reporting and quarterly reviews. For businesses with 24/7 operations we also offer full 24/7 support for business critical issues allowing you to rest easy knowing that your systems are supported outside of your normal working hours.

  • The standard service comprises:
  • Service Desk available via phone, email or web
  • Response time SLA
  • Dedicated functional and technical teams
  • Diagnosis and correction of faults
  • Advice on how to best use the solution
  • Access to our web portal as a knowledgebase of previous incidents
  • Monthly incident reporting
  • Quarterly service reviews
  • Management of Microsoft relationship
  • Named Service Delivery Manager
  • Facility to request and manage enhancements
  • System health check
  • Access to our customer events
  • Access to our white papers and online training


Performance Management

We live in a world where we expect results now, where productivity is key to your business success. If your system isn’t performing your staff will not only be dissatisfied but you also won’t be getting the best from them. We can help by tuning your ERP for high performance.

System performance may degrade over time as your unique transactional data footprint builds. Your ERP solution is unique to you and so will need your critical business functions to be uniquely tuned for optimum performance.

Our performance team have specific experience in tuning Microsoft Dynamics solutions. To provide you with maximum business benefit fast we offer a regular performance review, focused each time on identifying the top underperforming processes so that over time we can help you build a higher performing solution to meet your specific needs.

To provide a service that truly delivers you benefit we review system performance from two perspectives: the data perspective – this is a detailed technical analysis of specific processes that are taking a long time; the business perspective – this focuses the review on specific processes that have the greatest impact on your business.

Once the review is complete you can either use the results to perform changes yourself or engage our technical team to enact the changes on your behalf.

Contact us today for a free quote for this service.

SQL Health Check

Your data base is critical to the health of your ERP solution and therefore your business. We can provide full maintenance and monitoring of your database to ensure your systems are running as efficiently as possible.

If you have this covered by your own in house resources we can also provide you with a comprehensive regular health check to pinpoint any areas for improvement. Our SQL health check will give you comfort of mind that your database is secure, performing well and, above all, recoverable should disaster strike.

Just as you’d only have a personal health check from a professional, our SQL health check requires not only SQL skills but also an understanding of how this interacts specifically with your ERP solution. Our combined SQL and Dynamics experts are ideally positioned to give you reliable, actionable advice based on our nineteen-point review.




SQL Monitoring

The ongoing SQL services that we can provide include:

SQL monitoring – we will monitor your SQL database remotely on a daily basis to pinpoint any problem areas and recommend changes where appropriate.

SQL maintenance – to keep your data secure and safe your database needs to have the latest patches applied to it. We will provide a monthly planned maintenance schedule to test and apply the latest patches in a controlled manner, saving you the hassle of keeping on top of this yourselves.

Upgrade Assessment

No matter which version of software you are on we can provide you with an assessment of the benefits of moving to a later update, release or version along with the associated cost.

Environment Management

Ideally you have a number of different environments to enable you to train, support and test functionality outside of your live system. Keeping these up to date by regularly refreshing data and code can be a time consuming activity or may be carried out infrequently, often leading to difficulties in training people effectively or getting to the bottom of any problems you’re encountering in live.

We offer an environment management service, whereby we will refresh your environments on an agreed timetable and if required can also manage your code deployments for bug fixes and changes.


Your reporting and analytics requirements will change over time and you may not wish to keep these skills in house for those infrequent occasions when you need them.

For a monthly fee we can provide a fixed amount of resource to create and tweak your reporting/analytics needs.

Making the life of your business users easier is critical when considering a technology change and fundamental to user adoption of the new system.  Access to experts who help with maintenance, support and continual improvement of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM and ERP system gives your users the best experience.

Despite significant financial investment in their CRM and ERP systems many organisations are plagued with slow issue resolution, a lack of expertise and limited access to advise and training that ultimately results in low user adoption.


How can you fill this gap without distracting you from your core business?


QUANTIQ has extensive experience at optimising Microsoft Dynamics systems. Our support encompasses traditional telephone, email and remote dial-in support and also provides instant access to experts who provide:


  • admin help
  • system customisation
  • user training
  • database development
  • interactive PowerBI report creation
  • workflow design
  • data imports and more


when you need it, on demand!

With a choice of plans that offer everything from basic to comprehensive support, we’ve got a support plan to meet your business critical needs. Choose from our Premium and Premium+ packages designed to support you at every phase of your business growth.


Our Premium Pay-As-You-Go plan operates with a retainer and a standard time-and-materials model – so you only pay for hours as you consume them. For businesses who are in need of some assistance on a more infrequent basis, our Premium  package may be just what you are looking for.


Our Premium+ package includes a retainer and a bank of hours bought at a favourable rate – so you only use them as and when you need. This support package is designed for businesses that want to invest in support hours up front at a cheaper rate.


Talk to us today to find out which support package is right for you.

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