Swift Delivery Methodology


Microsoft Dynamics implementation methdologiesSwift is QuantiQ’s own delivery methodology which is primarily a modified version of the Waterfall methodology. This approach reduces the requirement for heavy documentation, but not as light as Agile test-scripts. The client is required to complete questionnaires in advance of rapid workshops. During these workshops, the QuantiQ consultants focus on the answers to the questions, in particular areas of confusion or where more clarity is sought. The responses are captured primarily in a shared notebook in OneNote.



QuantiQ Delivery Methodology is the prescribed methodology for deploying Microsoft Dynamics. Based on Microsoft’s Sure Step provides product-specific and general project-based templates, workflows, process maps and tools to assist implementation.

What is Swift?

Benefits of working with QuantiQ

  • Methodology is chosen to suit our clients business
  • Guiding principles agreed in advance to provide discipline of solution
  • Scope-creep jointly managed
  • Full Q&A process to ensure high quality
  • Visibility of process & budget
  • Shared PowerBI project dashboards with real-time reporting
  • Drive to use standard functionality


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We were working with QuantiQ as a partner rather than as a supplier on our project in order to get the system implemented

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