Swift Delivery ACCELERATOR

Swift is QUANTIQ’s own delivery ACCELERATOR and is leveraged for clients wanting a FAST and RELIABLE system rollout and clients who are looking for a READY TO GO solution where there are NO or MINIMAL CHANGES to be made to the standard system. Swift may be used in the early stages of both Agile and Waterfall methodologies if appropriate to the client. Swift is recommended if the client’s business processes are a good fit to a standard ‘vanilla’ approach and the client is keen to adopt industry best practice processes.

QUANTIQ concentrate on value added activities during the implementation. Swift benefits include:

  • Saves time
  • Saves money
  • Encourages adoption & ownership
  • Packaged questionnaires
  • POC

  • LCS Business Process Modeller Microsoft
  • Gaps identification
  • Cross functional and business walk though

This approach allows software solutions to be developed faster and at lower cost, makes applications viable, and delivers greater impact on the overall business. Swift is the pinnacle of developer productivity allowing IT to shift the time typically spent on hand-tooled plumbing of code and maintenance to new business specific innovative software development.

The client completes questionnaires in advance of rapid workshops. During these workshops, our consultants focus on the answers to the questions, in particular areas of confusion or where more clarity is sought. The process quickly translates the requirements into actions by using the existing Microsoft tools such as Business Process Modeller and VSTS. Using these tools, we are able to run design, development and deployment activities in an agile way while ensuing a high quality delivery throughout the requirements gathering stage.


During the diagnostic phase the customer’s business processes are understood and compared to a set of standard business processes for their industry or area. If QUANTIQ believe the customer is already close to, or can be persuaded to change to, the standard processes then a Swift approach may be recommended to speed up the initial phases of the project, reduce cost and reduce risk on the project.


There is no Analysis phase in a Swift inspired project for the core business functions expected to be performed in Microsoft Dynamics. Instead, the customer is given a pre-built testing environment and taken through a standard set of business processes and taught how to perform them. The customer then spends time practising the skills learnt and refining the configuration with QUANTIQ consultants until they are happy that the business can adopt standard practice with minimal or no customisation.


Swift projects encourage ownership and control by the client and allow them to make informed decisions early on. QUANTIQ provide pre-built Project Management tools to help the client take control of areas such as Process Mapping, Configuration, Data Migration and Reporting from the start of the project. Customers quickly gain the understanding, skills and enthusiasm required to implement complex business change in a controlled and progressive way.


The Swift accelerator builds a strong foundation for the later stages of the project. Any interface or functional development required on the project can then proceed according to Agile or Waterfall methodology.


  • Methodology is chosen to suit our clients business
  • Guiding principles agreed in advance to provide discipline of solution
  • Scope-creep jointly managed
  • Full Q&A process to ensure high quality
  • Visibility of process & budget
  • Shared PowerBI project dashboards with real-time reporting
  • Drive to use standard functionality