Talent in 10

Our Talent in 10 package is great for organisations looking to improve their recruitment; take advantage of innovative ways to simplify HR data and processes; and embrace the cloud. Not only is the package low-cost, it takes only ten days to deploy your full, modern Microsoft Dynamics 356 Talent solution.

How does it work?

If you’re interested in a Talent in 10 deployment, the first steps are understanding the solution and contacting us. From there, we get a feel for your needs and will confirm if the rapid deployment will suit your organisation.

The next steps include sorting out your licenses. You’ll let us know how many users you need (you’ll need to take a minimum of 5 superuser licenses, as per Microsoft’s requirements) and then we arrange the licenses for your team members.

As this is such a rapid deployment of your Dynamics 365 Talent solution, no bespoke developments are available in this package. Our team will spend ten days of man-power to ensure your solution is delivered in a way that suits you, as well as providing you with best-in-class consultation on best-practice and how to make the most out of your new Talent solution.

Within this rapid deployment, it will be your organisation’s responsibility to set-up your data. But don’t worry, you won’t need to rush because these ten days don’t need to happen in a consecutive time-frame. It’s much more important to use the ten days you have with us at a pace that suits you. As consultants first and foremost, you can always call us for guidance. We are always happy to provide the support and advice that you need to make sure you’re making the right progress with your data.

How does it work?

What happens after Talent in 10 goes live?

What happens after Talent in 10 goes live?

The Talent in 10 package really does what it says on the tin. You’ll be up and running with a whole new way of managing HR in as little as ten days working with us. The next steps are to think about how you’ll support your new system. As it’s a standard deployment, you’ve got the freedom to think about a variety of support models. We offer plenty of flexible options to get you thinking.

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If you’re looking for easier recruitment processes with LinkedIn integration and an innovative, cloud-based solution to keep you HR processes streamlined and efficient, Dynamics 365 for Talent is the solution for you. And if you want your Talent solution delivered no-fuss, no-frills, Talent in 10 is the service for you. Contact us today to find out more.

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