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Technology Envisioning Workshop

Seamlessly Align & Optimise Your Technology Transformation Plan

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Build, Plan, and Execute Business Transformation Strategies with an Innovative Approach from Microsoft Catalyst.

Technology Envisioning Workshop:

One of the biggest challenges that Technology Leaders face is when a disconnect between the Technology and the organisation’s high-level goals hinders stakeholder buy-in. Failure to align your Technology Transformation Roadmap with your core business drivers is a key factor in IT project failure. To avoid this, we created our Technology Envisioning Workshops. These workshops help leadership teams determine key IT modernisation priorities, form an aligned Technology Strategy and take advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to ensure project success.

The Technology Envisioning Workshop defines the terms of the Digital Transformation, creating a clear blueprint for the project drivers, metrics and successful completion. Envisioning Workshop facilitators will work with the organisation’s decision-makers to establish priorities that transcend enhanced efficiency and ultimately propel an organisation forward.

What to Expect During Your Technology Envisioning Workshop Process:

  • QUANTIQ-led interviews to understand your organisation, identifying challenges, opportunities for improvement and observing end users to understand the user experience
  • Engagement with key business stakeholders on the Enterprise Technology Vision, exploring topics to identify opportunities for improvement and build out initiatives
  • Create high-priority transformation scenarios to help customers, employees, operations, and products achieve ongoing innovation within your organisation using Microsoft Dynamics 365, Power Platform and related technologies
  • Capture findings and recommendations

Helping Leadership Teams determine Key IT Modernisation Priorities, form an aligned Technology Strategy and take Advantage of Microsoft Dynamics 365 and the Power Platform to Ensure Project Success

What Are The Goals for Your Envisioning Workshop

  • Reach & agree a clear understanding of key stakeholder objectives, enterprise challenges, and opportunities for improvement.
  • Determine Digital Transformation priorities and how to achieve them using the appropriate Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Power Platform technologies
  • Define top initiatives to pursue

Example Outputs:

  • Technology & Business Value Vision Statement or Value Hypothesis
  • Identifiable Enterprise Challenge(s) / Opportunity(ies) That Can Be Facilitated / Informed or Mitigated Through Microsoft Dynamics 365 & Power Platform Technology
  • Key Business Value & Technology Alignments Identified
  • A Prioritised Technology Roadmap informed by Enterprise Goals
  • Top Initiatives Identified

Why Consider a Technology Envisioning Workshop

The Technology Envisioning Workshop is recommended for leadership teams who are looking for a clear, agile and affordable IT modernisation plan that connects Technology, organisation drivers and stakeholders.

The Technology Envisioning Workshop is a customised workshop experience and content will be delivered based on the needs of the organisation. Some preparation time is therefore required between event booking and delivery. 100% funding is available from Microsoft for qualifying organisations, and QUANTIQ will manage the application and approval process on behalf of clients. Funding decisions are normally confirmed within 5 working days.

Alternatively, organisations can self-fund the cost of the Technology Envisioning Workshop, which can be delivered with costs ranging from £5,000 to £10,000 depending on the number of delegates and stakeholder interviews to be concluded.

To find out more please complete your Technology Envisioning Workshop Information Request via the form opposite.

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