Achieve corporate agility with Microsoft Dynamics 365

Achieve corporate agility with Microsoft Dynamics 365


In today’s climate, corporate agility determines commercial success. The success of your organisation rests on your ability to transition from past to future business practices, which includes your ERP systems. Research has revealed that over 60% of organisations with at least one ERP solution still largely rely on having an on-premise system. Legacy ERP systems were the vital start of today’s ERP solutions but are no longer being enhanced. They were created in the 1980s or early 1990s, but often based on older technology such as the IMB AS/400 platform or even DOS.

Legacy ERP systems, though significant, have slowly become less applicable to a modern world. It is essential to combine adaptability, balance and speed to obtain corporate agility within your organisation. Cloud-based ERP offers multiple advantages in terms of this corporate agility, allowing you to respond rapidly to internal changes without compromising on your momentum. QUANTIQ, the Microsoft Dynamics 365 experts, offer the top-ranked cloud-based ERP to rapidly scale your business, enable instant collaborative access and safeguard your data. 

What are the advantages of upgrading to a cloud-based ERP with Microsoft Dynamics 365?

Lower cost

With cloud ERP, the upfront costs are much lower than other ERP solutions. This is thanks to the fact that computing resources are leased month-to-month with a fixed rate, instead of purchased immediately and maintained on the premises. Cloud ERP therefore allows you to maximise profits by reducing internal costs, instead of increased expenditure on the server room costs and maintenance overheads associated with physical servers.

Flexibility of service

Cloud ERP also offers the option to increase or reduce the amount of cloud service your organisation requires. Corporate service computing and service needs naturally fluctuate according to their internal and external environment, which affects your ERP requirements. With cloud-based ERP from Microsoft Dynamics 365, your needs can be met directly.

Streamline business practices

There are multiple ways in which cloud-based ERP allows you to streamline and refine your business practices with a truly agile system. From a streamlined implementation, to increased ease of updating, reaching your business goals has never been easier. In addition, Microsoft Dynamics 365 provides the ultimate privacy and data security, leaving you to focus on hitting your commercial targets.

Equally valuable to small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs)

Microsoft Dynamics 365 offers even small and medium-sized businesses the solution to achieving corporate agility. Smaller organisations can enjoy reduced implementation costs, and pay only for the computing resources required at a fixed monthly rate. This financial advantage ensures you can gear your finances towards goals, expansion and growth of your team, rather than wasting resources on outdated and expensive ERP systems.  Wider access allows smaller companies to expand geographically: the Internet eliminates the need to implement hardware and software at remote locations. You can read more about Technology for SMEs in our expertly curated SME Technology Resource Hub.

Achieve corporate agility for your organisation with Microsoft Dynamics 365

There are clear advantages of cloud-based ERP over traditional legacy ERP. Move your organisation into the future and continue to streamline your methods and practices with Microsoft Dynamics 365. Contact QUANTIQ today to find out how Dynamics 365 can help you can make the most of your organisation.

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