Waterfall Delivery Methodology

Waterfall delivery methodology breaks a project down into 6 phases. The phases stage from diagnostic, analysis, design, development, deployment, and operation. Waterfall can follow a time and material route meaning cost and flexitime, however functionality delivered is fixed.

Phase 1: Diagnostic

The diagnostic phase contains analysis of the customer process at a very high level. Focus of the diagnostic phase is the project initialisation. To setup a project plan, agree on an approach and scope definition. This is often completed during the pre-sales cycle, or a paid exercise during early engagement before the Analysis phase starts. The objectives of the project should be understood.

Phase 2: Analysis

In the analysis phase most of the business processes are identified and documented at a high level – this is used to create the RTM (Requirements Traceability Matrix). Goal of the analysis phase is to understand the customers business and processes performed. Modelling and documenting the customers business is important. The Goals of the projects should be recorded and amended here and reviewed through the project.

Phase 3: Design

Main purpose of the design phase is to find a way how the clients processes and needs can be implemented with Dynamics. At this point there may be more than one solution for a topic. The FRD (Functional Requirements Document) should record the solution design. The RTM should be updated throughout the project as items are ticked off. Focus on reporting and data migration should start.

Phase 4: Development

Most of the programming work is done in the development phase. Development covers the creation of new features and adaptation of existing features as well as the data migration. All features and the data migration has to be tested. Beside feature and data migration testing it is necessary to do security testing. The phase ends when most of the specified features are developed and tested and the data migration is done.

Phase 5: Deployment

Goal of the deployment phase is to setup the operational dynamics environment at the customer. Beside installation, configuration and feature deployment, the phase focuses on testing at system level. So you have to run the user acceptance tests, process tests, security tests and load tests as defined in the test plan. When the system runs and all tests pass the deployment phase is finished.

Phase 6: Operations

The purpose of the Operations phase is to support the customer technically and functionally during the initial Go Live period for the new system. Additionally, you will perform tasks to close the project. At the end of the phase, you transition the project to the customer, and pursue the opportunity to provide on-going support and continued account management.

Benefits of working with QUANTIQ

  • Methodology is chosen to suit our clients business
  • Guiding principles agreed in advance to provide discipline of solution
  • Scope-creep jointly managed
  • Full Q&A process to ensure high quality
  • Visibility of process & budget
  • Shared PowerBI project dashboards with real-time reporting
  • Drive to use standard functionality
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