Waterfall is an established sequential implementation model that breaks a project down into distinct phases. Typically each phase should stop before the next commences. The theory is to ensure that the full requirements are understood prior to solution design and development.
The phases stage from analysis, to design, development to deployment, and finally operation (live support).
Here at QuantiQ we use Microsoft SureStepTM methodologies – this is a process optimised for Microsoft technology. There are several types of SureStepTM including Enterprise, Standards, Rapid, and Upgrade.
Enterprise, Standard and Upgrade project types have different customisation levels, except Rapid which is the type of implementation without customisation or with minimal customisation.

SureStepTM Components

– Diagnostic (this is a QuantiQ additional stage)

– Analysis

– System build

– System migration

– Go-live


This is an optional short feasibility stage for clients that are not entirely sure of their overall requirements and are looking for a detailed estimate of the requirements and the most-likely time and cost for the project.


This stage is designed to capture detailed process requirements through detailed workshop with key employees. The output is formal documentation of the requirements and specific illustration of where the requirements are easily met by the solution (fit) or need to be developed (gap). These documents are agreed with the client before the next stage.

System Build

Using the workshop requirements, our technical consultants develop a solution design document and break the design and requirements into technical configurations or developments in the core system. When complete, it is released for testing.

System Migration

If system build is akin to building a house, this phase is the moving in to a finished house; the house may be finished but it won’t be suitable for you until the beds are made and the kitchen stocked! This is where data migration is completed, end users are trained and output documents are tweaked to match your layouts etc.


That’s it, project complete, system is live!

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We were working with QuantiQ as a partner rather than as a supplier on our project in order to get the system implemented

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