What the Tech?! Series 1

Series 1 features 6 episodes covering everything from The Future of Retail Technology, to Tech for Social Impact stories, to Cyber Security. Our 14 guest speakers are industry and product experts including Kate Hardcastle MBE (Retail Technology & Customer Experience expert), Jared Spataro (Corporate VP at Microsoft), to Mike Ehrenberg (CTO of Dynamics 365 Applications, Microsoft).

    Episode 1: What is the Future of Retail Tech?

    Kate Hardcastle MBE, Broadcaster
    Francois van Splunder, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft
    Dan Burdge, Retail Consulting Manager

    As much-loved retail brands and established chains disappear from city centres and shopping malls, we ask whether the ‘death of the high street’ is real or over-stated, and how technology is already beginning to shape the next wave of retail experiences.

    Talking points include: How can retailers transform to survive and to thrive in a rapidly evolving market? Is digital the foe or the friend of the bricks and mortar shopfront? How can retailers begin to create the same connected retail experience with customers in-store as they do online? What does next generation connected retail technology look like?

    Episode 2: How Can Tech Drive Social Impact?

    Cathy Amor, Senior Functional Consultant, QUANTIQ
    Erik Arnold, CTO - Tech for Social Impact, Microsoft

    Episode 3: The Future of Work and The Workplace

    Graeme Watt, CEO, Softcat
    Jared Spataro, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft
    Stuart Fenton, CEO, QUANTIQ

    Episode 4: Data Driven Analytics. Making Decisions Just Got Easier.

    Patrick LeBlanc, Principal Program Manager, Microsoft
    Stuart Lock, BI Team Manager, QUANTIQ

    Episode 5: Outsmarting the Hackers: Cyber Security and the Cloud

    Paula Januszkiewicz, CEO, CQURE
    James Longworth, Lead Azure Architect, QUANTIQ

    Episode 6: What Even is Digital Transformation Anyways?

    Mike Ehrenberg, Technical Fellow, Microsoft
    Andrea Bright, President of North America and Director of Managed Services, QUANTIQ

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    What The Tech?! is the podcast that explores how technology is changing the way we live and work, as told by the people who create it, deploy it - and experience its impact.

    Host David McClelland, knows this space from both sides: following a twenty-year career at the IT industry coal-face, he is now a broadcaster and journalist making sense of the tech in our everyday lives.

    With help from industry experts, What the Tech?! deep dives into the role technology and innovation will play in everything from how we work and shop, to disaster response and cyber safety.

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